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Cape Coral residents can ‘opt in’ to take part in city survey

By Staff | May 18, 2017

For those who really want to say how they feel about Cape Coral, but weren’t mailed a survey, now is your chance to be heard.

The city is conducting its biennial 2017 citizen survey, and this year, for the first time, it is offering residents the opportunity to participate via an online opt-in option.

The city began conducting the survey in 2005 with National Research Center and conducts it every two years as a way to gauge the needs, wants and desires of the city residents.

Typically, a defined number of residents are randomly selected to fill out a mailed survey to represent the community. For Cape Coral the sample size is 1,500, up from 1,200 in previous years, according to city spokesperson Connie Barron.

This year, residents who were not among the randomly selected Cape Coral citizens still can provide their input using the online survey.

“This will provide more input and the NRC are professionals who conduct surveys. Once they take all the responses it will be a statistically valid survey,” Barron said. “It’s residents’ opportunity to have their voices heard and provide input and feedback on the operations and services of Cape Coral.”

Residents will be asked to rate certain aspects of quality of life, the city’s characteristics, if they would recommend the city as a place to live, their feeling of safety, and many other things, rated from excellent to poor.

The National Research Center will compile the results and evaluate them, as it has the last several weeks, with a final survey expected to be given to the city by the end of June.

Barron said the city will present the data to City Council and staff will look at the responses to help make budgetary and policy decisions going forward.

Barron said this has been a vital tool for the city and that it would behoove residents to take part.

“We encourage the residents who have opportunity to participate. It’s a good opportunity for our residents to speak and for us to listen,” Barron said.

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