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UPDATED: Cape man charged after shooting alleged robber

By Staff | May 17, 2017


The victim in Monday morning’s fatal shooting incident has been identified as Roy A. Pike III, 28, of North Fort Myers.

Original post:

A Cape Coral man remained in jail on Tuesday after fatally shooting a man who he said broke into his home and tried to rob him at gunpoint.

Ryan Robert Doyon, 27, of 1914 Cornwallis Parkway, was arrested and charged Monday with one count each of homicide murder dangerous depraved without premedication and probation violation.

He is being held without bond at the Lee County Jail, according to booking records.

At about 9:31 a.m. Monday, Cape police responded to a shooting at 1914 Cornwallis Parkway. Upon arrival, officers found a white man lying face down near the home’s driveway, bleeding from apparent gunshot wounds. The victim had a cell phone gripped in his hand and a Ruger .380 lying nearby him.

He was transported to the Cape Coral Hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 10:02 a.m.

Police had not yet released the identity of the victim as of Tuesday.

Doyon told police that he was asleep in his bedroom when he was awakened by an unknown man holding a gun to his forehead. The man demanded the keys to Doyon’s safe. He said that while he was opening the safe, he grabbed his M-4 assault rifle and began shooting at the man inside the home.

Doyon told police that he chased the man outside and shot at him at least 10 times while the man ran away from him, according to a report. Doyon said his wallet and about $100 in cash were taken.

He also stated the man entered the home through the open rear doors.

Neighbors reported seeing a white man with a backpack walk up to the front door of the home’s mother-in-law suite, which is occupied by Doyon and has a separate front door and driveway. Shortly thereafter, they saw the man run from the front door area and head north on Southeast 19th Place.

Witnesses stated that the man was being chased by Doyon, who was firing several rounds from an assault rifle. One neighbor told police that the victim fell three times while running. They said Doyon continued to chase after and shoot at the victim until he rounded the corner at Cornwallis Parkway.

Neighbors said Doyon then turned around and ran back to his house with the rifle.

The victim was not observed with a weapon and there was no return fire, the report states.

Five area homes sustained gunfire damage and 13 casings were recovered from the street and grass.

Police reported that a search of the mother-in-law suite and the main house showed no evidence of an indoor shooting as Doyon claimed. Doyon’s wallet was not recovered from the victim’s belongings.

Doyon’s roommate stated that he awoke to gunshots or loud bangs outside the home. When he exited his bedroom, he saw Doyon run inside the front door holding the assault rifle. Doyon told him that a man tried to break in and he shot him. Doyon handed the rifle to him and told him to watch the door.

Doyon emerged from his bedroom armed with another gun, the roommate told police.

Based on witnesses seeing the victim walk up to the front door, Doyon’s admission of shooting the victim as the man ran away, lack of evidence that the victim stole Doyon’s items and his statement to his roommate that the man tried to break in, police noted that there was probable cause for an arrest.

The report states that Doyon was taken into custody and transported to the jail.

He nor his family could be reached for comment on Tuesday.

Doyon has court dates set for May 22 and June 19.

According to court records, a Widman Act warrant was filed for Doyon on May 16. In March, he entered probation after being found guilty of reckless driving, a lesser charge than the DUI he faced. Doyon had been sentenced to six months’ probation, DUI school, a victim impact panel and fines.