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Captiva Plan and Blind pass topics of discussion during Captiva Community Panel meeting

By Staff | May 17, 2017

The Captiva Plan and Blind Pass were hot topics during the May 9 Captiva Community Panel meeting. Rene Miville, president of the Captiva Community Panel said that he and David Mintz, panel member, met with Lee County commissioners Cecil Pendergrass and John Manning to discuss adding back in the Captiva Plan changes that were left out when they submitted their updated plan to the county a few months ago.

Miville and Mintz found the commissioners to be in support of the changes.

“A lot of the language that they took out was in the plan for years. What they said was ‘It was good for years, why take it out now?,'” Mintz said.

In addition, Miville and Mintz also met with David Loveland, acting director of the Lee County Department of Community Development, Michael Jacob, deputy county attorney and a few others to discuss the plan further on April 26.

“We’re in the middle of this negotiation process with the county,” Miville said.

Mintz said that for the most part, the county accepted a lot of their changes. They are still in discussion with the county in regards to the final changes of the document. A few of those changes include maintaining low rise building heights, preserving mangroves on Captiva to the greatest extent possible and concerns of lot splits or lot-line adjustments.

“What (the county commissioners) said is if the staff and the panel can agree on the language by June 1 they will start the process of moving both the plan and the code forward with a June 26 LPA hearing,” said Ken Gooderham, panel member.

Gooderham said he hopes to get the plan finalized by the end of September.

Another crucial topic during the meeting was Blind Pass. Mike Mullins, a panel member would like to pass a notion fishermen to the Gulf side so that others can use the walking path without having to cross the street.

“We are going to work with the Department of Transportation to get a change made,” Mullins said.

In regards to Captiva Drive, Mintz said that the survey for Captiva Drive has actually not been done yet. Johnson Engineering asked the Lee County Board of Commissioners for $51,000 – which was granted to them. The survey will begin soon.

Invasive species findings were also on the agenda. Dave Jensen, panel member said to report any sightings to Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation.

Lastly, Kathy Rooker, administrator of the Captiva Erosion Prevention District said that the third year beach monitoring project began on Captiva May 8 and lasted a week. The project measured the volume and width of sand remaining. Rooker said that since 1988, CEPD has placed 4.4. million cubic yards of sand on the beach. Approximately 2.8 million cubic yards of sand still remain on the beach to this day.