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New water park set to open in North Fort Myers

By Staff | May 11, 2017

They call it the “evolution of water play,” and next month it will be coming to North Fort Myers.

Revolution Aqua Park, which will be at the same location as another water-themed company on the same lake, will open June 2 and promises to be nothing like any water park you’ve ever seen.

The park will be at 17590 East Street and will work alongside Revolution Cable Park, a wakeboarding company that will also serve as a partner.

The large inflatable park is manufactured by Wibit, a European company that manufactures these parks worldwide, and will be set up in the lake alongside the cable park.

Todd Florand, sales director at the water park with Robox, a company that serves as the operating arm of the company, said the park, which cost approximately $200,000, will be a decent-sized facility that will hold about 60 people.

“There’s no permanent structure. It floats out there alongside the cable park. And we’re good to go,” Florand said. “Wibit is top of the line and were the ones who got the industry started.”

Revolution Park will be among the few Wibits located in open water. Most are found in public or commercial pools, and those in open water are on the ocean, Florand said.

Visitors will be able to run around the park that resembles a huge bounce house, obstacle course and water park wrapped into one. There will be slides, bounce areas where you can jump in the water, and more.

The park will take the appropriate safety measures, Florand said. All visitors will wear life jackets, and there will be lifeguards on duty at all times.

As for the possibility for alligators, Florand said they already patrol the lake daily for gators both by boat and above the lake in watch towers.

He added there will be a safety net encasing the park to add another layer of safety.

“The existing business has been running for about a decade. If there’s an issue where a gator wants to make residence in the lake, they’ll call a trapper and it’s gone,” Florand said. “We go the extra mile. You can’t cut corners there and if you do and something happens, game over.”

The park will be open daily through the summer, and weekends once school begins. The cost will be $18 per hour and $25 for two hours. Florand said they will learn a lot over the summer and adjust their hours accordingly.

For more information, visit revolutionaquapark.com