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SCA continues to raise funds for capital campaign

By Staff | May 3, 2017

Bill Sartoris. MEGHAN MCCOY

Although the Community House’s renovation has been completed, Sanibel Community Association board members said last week at their annual meeting that they are still raising funds.

The total cost of furnishing and construction was $3.5 million, an increase from the $3 million goal. So far $3.1 million has been raised. The increase occurred because things surfaced that needed to be fixed during the renovation, as well as the initial budget not including furnishing.

“The bottom line is, we are short about $400,000, so the campaign is still ongoing,” Bill Sartoris, who was voted as the new Sanibel Community Association president, said.

He began by sharing it was an unusual year for the association because the Community House was shut down from May 6 through Jan. 16 for renovations.

As of March 31, the SCA had about $180,000 in cash, which consisted of monies from the Shell Crafters, as well as the operating and capital account. The big item on the assets was apart of budget receivable, which was $673,000 – pledges that were made, but money not received yet.

Tom Sharbaugh received a framed picture as the outgoing president and Marge Meek received the Gordon Schopfer Lifetime Achievement Award. PHOTO PROVIDED

Sartoris said the total assists is more than $1.4 million. In terms of liability, a bank loan from Sanibel-Captiva Community Bank, as of March 31, was about $50,000.

“They were very gracious for working with us and being very flexible in terms of how the loan was handled,” he said.

The total income for the Sanibel Community Association netted more than $215,000. Sartoris said they had a budget of $245,000.

“We actually did better than we expected on income even though we were shut down, not just through November, but through January,” he said.

Last year, Sartoris said they were under budget for their expenses at $244,000. The budget was set at $310,000.

“Part of that was due to the fact that we didn’t have events going on, so therefore we didn’t have expenses for that. We also operated on a very slim staff during the year,” he said.

The net income through March 31 was $39,000. Sartoris said the budget projected net loss was $65,000. He said the numbers were shocking on how well they did given the fact they were shut down for seven months out of the fiscal year.

The income boost for the SCA was through such events as Cooking with the Island Stars.

“That again was a great success. This year it was part of the operating income,” he said. “That is primarily where we ended up with a profit, instead of a loss.”

Income of classes was way down because there were not offered during the renovation.

Sharbaugh said this year marks the 90th year the Community House was built.

“I think the folks that put up the original house would be delighted to see we are still in business and we are still doing what we were set out to do,” he said.

Last year the association hosted 62 different organizations and more than 65,000 people walked through the doors of the Community House.

Sharbaugh said for a little facility like the Community House, those are some pretty stunning numbers.

“It’s now an attractive place where people want to be and that is a huge thing,” Sharbaugh said.

The meeting also included recognizing Marge Meek as the Gordon Schopfer Life-time Achievement Award.

Sharbaugh said Meek has been on the board for nine years, three of which were as the president. He said her current job has been fueling the Culinary Education Center.

The new board members were also announced during the meeting. Those individuals include Darrin Grotrian, Daniela Jaeger and Babs Maughan.

The new board includes Sartoris as the president; Richard Johnson as the vice president; Nicole McHale as the secretary and Beth Weigel and Darrin Grotrian as the co-treasurers. The retiring board members included Sharbaugh, Friedrich Jaeger and Mike Kelly. Kelly was named as an emeritus board member.