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Chef Jarred Harris demonstrates how to prepare the perfect meal for Mother’s Day

By Staff | May 3, 2017

In honor of Mother’s Day on May 14, chef Jarred Harris will teach how to cook a delicious Mother’s Day meal at the Sanibel Community House on Sunday, May 7, from 3 to 5 p.m.

“I came up with the Mother’s Day menu based on things my mom would like,” Harris said. “My mom is one of my biggest fans and these are things she just absolutely loves.”

During the demonstration, Harris will teach attendees how to cook duck ham with mixed greens, lobster thermidor and hazelnut creme brulee.

For those who are unfamiliar with lobster thermidor, Harris says it’s a traditional French dish.

“It’s where lobster is taken out of its shell, and it’s added to a cream-based sauce and then it’s put back in its shell and topped with gruyere cheese and bread crumbs. It’s delicious,” Harris said.

His No. 1 tip for preparing for a Mother’s Day meal is to get everything done ahead of time.

“Failure to prepare is preparing to fail. I live by that. You have to be prepared. You can’t just wait until Saturday to try to do this. You want to get it done well in advance, especially if you’re cooking for mom,” Harris said.

During the two-hour class, attendees can expect to learn the basics of meat curing and most importantly, how to keep things simple. Harris said both meals can be stored in the fridge for a few days prior to Mother’s Day.

Once the meal is cooked, all participants will get a sample plus a beverage.

Harris makes an effort to source local ingredients. The lobster tails come from Florida and the eggs are free-range.

Harris said he became increasingly aware of the “farm to fork” movement after moving to England in 2005.

“It’s the norm. It’s what everybody does. We got our eggs right next door from a chicken farm. The lamb we got in the spring time was probably about 100 yards away. We lived in the country. Everything was just so close and it just made so much sense. Guineafowl, partridge, peasants, mallard duck, teal duck, it was unbelievable produce on a consistent basis. It was organic and fresh,” Harris said.

Harris has already brought his “farm to fork” concept to Sanibel. The Community House already has over 90 different fruit and vegetable bearing trees and shrubs that are planted in their garden.

It’s amazing what we’ve got going on and next year, we’ll be able to see the benefits of what we did this year,” he said. I’m trying to get everything to come to fruition this year so we’ll be able to use a lot of this produce in our classes. I don’t know any other place that does anything like this,” Harris said. “I love to teach people about what I know and what I love.”

To sign up for the Mother’s Day demo, call the Sanibel Community House at (239) 472-2155. The cost is $45 per person. Harris will also be offering cooking classes in June and July as well.