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Sanibel Sea School awarded plaque from TripAdvisor

By Staff | Apr 19, 2017

Sanibel Sea School Co-Founder and Executive Director Dr. Bruce Neill and Outdoor Educator and SUP Coordinator Spencer Richardson. PHOTO PROVIDED



The Sanibel Sea School recently received first place, or rated top in the classes and workshops category on TripAdvisor, a first time achievement for the nonprofit organization.

The organization has a five star rating in their category and have recently started receiving more reviews from many parents whose children had an experience with the school.

“It’s exciting and kind of a surprise,” Sanibel Sea School Director of Communication Leah Biery said.

One of the reviews stated, “The Sanibel Sea School is an awesome place for experiential learning for people of all ages . . . This school is a special place, we are so fortunate to have it here on the island. It truly is a world class place for education in ecology.”

Biery said the funniest reviews are the kids who are expecting the Sanibel Sea School to be a true school, but then are pleasantly surprised when the look past the word school.

“After they got over the name they wanted to come back,” she said.

Biery takes the time to respond to each review because she, and the rest of the staff, are very thankful that people take time out of their busy schedule to write a review of their experience.

“With everything people have going in their lives, they find the 5 to 10 minutes to support us in that way,” she said of the reviews.