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Dock approved for the bay beach zone area

By Staff | Apr 19, 2017

The Planning Commission has approved a dock for a property off of Woodring Road, which is in the bay beach zone.

The property, 1800 Woodring Road, which has a single-family dwelling and accessory dock, was built before the city’s incorporation. A permit was recently issued to have the single-family residence demolished. In addition, a conditional use and development permit was issued to remove and replace the existing 20′ by 4′ dock and accessory boat lift with a 18′ by 8′ dock and accessory boat lift.

The property, which lies within the bay beach zone west of the right-of-way boundary of Dixie Beach Boulevard, requires a conditional use permit for accessory docks, boat davits, boat lifts and mooring pilings.

Senior Planner Roy Gibson said docks and boat lifts are not permitted in the city’s bay beach zone, except westward of Dixie Beach with a conditional use approval. The applicant has revised his application to include only one boat lift instead of the initially projected two.

“Subsequent to the continuation of last month’s meeting, the applicant has revised a plan to propose only one boat lift with the new boat dock,” Gibson said.

There are six general and 27 specific requirements for docks in bay beach zone, which the applicant has met.

“The proposed dock and boat lift are in the general footprint of the existing dock and boat lift,” Gibson said.

The site plan also identified existing seagrass areas, which would not be impacted with the proposed dock and boat lift. Gibson said Environmental Biologist Holly Milbrandt reviewed the site plan and proposed dock and found that they can support the proposed plan due to not increasing direct impacts to the seagrass areas.

Planning Director Jim Jordan said the construction is contingent upon the demolition of the existing single-family, which have had some scheduling issues, as well as delay the start of up because of gopher tortoise burrows on site.