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Poetic License: My Carmella

By Staff | Apr 13, 2017

Prince Charming gave a royal ball

So he could dance with Cinderella,

But when he came to Palestine

He danced all night with my Carmella.

Her gown was pink from head to toe,

And made to fit by Slenderella,

He asked her name, without a shame,

She answered, “Call me Pinkarella.”

Columbus discovered America

In the name of Spain and Isabella

So Papi Joe could build a house

Where he could swim with his Carmella.

When Ponce de Leon found Florida,

He said, “I’m such a lucky fella,

The Fountain of Youth will keep me cute

And always young like my Carmella.”

Now every summer she can be found

On the isle of Sanibella —

Make no mistake, on Kittiwake,

The beauty queen is My Carmella.