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Our political system is broken

By Staff | Apr 13, 2017

To the editor:


On Friday, March 24, the efforts to pass a new health care bill failed in the House of Representatives. This bill was drafted with no Democratic input. Seven years ago the ACA was passed. This bill is admittedly flawed, needs improvement and was drafted without Republican input.

While the Democrats savored the moment and the White House abdicating any responsibility for health care reform until it explodes, the American people lose. Not a wise move by either group since the law, as enacted, affects all Americans and should continue as a front-burner issue to minimize its forecasted “exploding” impacts.

The president shared his disappointment with the current House bill loss and suggested the next course of action may be to get a bi-partisan effort for a new health care bill. Sen. Graham, at his Saturday Town Hall meeting, agreed a bi-partisan approach is a much better idea. Finally – across the aisle discussions!!.

The wheels fell off the bi-partisan wagon many years ago and President Trump was elected partly on his promise to fix a broken Washington. While the American political party system is traditional, the parties do not serve the American people when they revert to tit-for-tat, grade school level politics to solve the problems of a world-leading nation. Bi-partisanship is not a quant or naive idea but a proven mandate for a functional democracy.

But are we, the voters, the source of the problem? “We the people” sent them to Washington to represent our needs and concerns, and while we should expect our elected representatives to pursue our beliefs, we should also demand that they look for common ground. If they don’t do either then don’t re-elect them. We cannot take an obstinate party-only stance at the voting booth based on blind loyalty, lack of understanding and/or family tradition. Get informed. We are not just Republicans, we are not just Democrats and we are not just Independents; we are just American people wanting to see our country, and ourselves, survive and flourish.

I’m not a fan of the Trump-style; the use of adjectives vs. substance, a need to disrupt the current conversation with questionable “breaking news” comments, or unfounded Twitter claims, but I certainly hope he succeeds in putting the political system back on the right track.

If that’s all he accomplishes, then that’s fine because I sincerely believe the country cannot survive much longer without a fundamental change in how we’re governed.

Ron Lueth