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City looks to appoint citizens to charter review committee

By Staff | Apr 13, 2017

Following thoughts from newly elected council member Jason Maughan at the March meeting, Mayor Kevin Ruane brought forth the idea of forming a charter review committee.

Maughan suggests establishing term limits for City Council members, which resulted in additional conversations at the April 4 meeting.

“To my surprise we are supposed to review the charter every 10 years and we have not,” he said. “Every other municipality has a charter review committee. I want to appoint a charter review committee where you apply. We will put together some objectives and you apply as citizens and we, like every other committee, we appoint people to the charter review.”

Ruane said although there is nothing they can do that causes any demand right now, it could coincide with the 2019 election.

“I don’t envision, unless I hear something different from the council members that we would do a special referendum to get this item heard before March 19,” Ruane said.

Ruane said there is no urgency until March 2019.

Maughan said as long as it is retroactive, he did not have a problem with it.

Ruane said he would like full-time residents to seriously consider being a part of the charter review committee.

“I would like five people on the committee, that is what is commonly done in Lee County,” he said, adding that maybe give them a time frame of six months to go through the charter. “I can’t thank the citizens enough for their input, your knowledge. There are many citizens that quite frankly know the charter better than others, so I am going to perhaps lean on you a little more because you know the charter and I would love your input.”