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The jugglers

By Staff | Sep 14, 2016

To the editor:

The City council really wants the hot potato with butter and sour cream, but they keep tossing it in the air and from one to another. The delectable hot potato is, of course the juicy salary, so desperately desired by the council.

At election time, the council members wanted the job so badly, they spent their own and their friends’ money to be elected. They pledged to work tirelessly for the good of Sanibel, but made no mention of a salary. They also claimed to be fiscal conservatives who would never waste a cent of the taxpayers’ money.

If they are salaried, they will be public employees. Will they sign in, or punch a time clock, so we all know if they earn their keep? When they go off on junkets to their committees, meetings with important politicians, and other out of city duties, will they return with minutes of the meetings, so we know they were really there and did something to benefit Sanibel?

A full-time, elected, salaried mayor who would replace the paid city manager would be a good idea. The city manager is paid about as much as the mayor of Chicago, so the city might even save some money. The mayor would be in city hall every day, keeping an eye on the bureaucrats and listening to the taxpayers. If the mayor’s job was full-time, he (she) would be less beholden to the tourist industry that now dictates such matters as traffic control.

John Raffensperger