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‘Civility’ discussion expected Monday

By Staff | Sep 9, 2016

City Council resumes its regular meeting schedule on Monday in Council Chambers at City Hall following a week’s break in observance of Labor Day.

The agenda consists of four ordinance final public hearings and a discussion on naming local streets requested by Mayor Marni Retzer.

Some council members, though, expect another discussion on meeting civility that Councilmember Marilyn Stout brought up at the end of the Aug. 29 meeting.

“I would be surprised if she doesn’t bring it up,” said Councilmember Jim Burch. “It’s my guess she will. Honestly, I hope it just goes away. Personally, I’m more concerned about the people out front of the dias, not those up here. We have rules in place. Common sense tells you that’s all that’s required.”

Stout has been out of town and could not be reached to confirm her intention to bring up the subject. She was not in attendance at Wednesday’s special workshop meeting or Thursday’s Fiscal Year 2017 budget public hearing, but informed the city clerk that she will be back for Monday’s meeting.

Councilmember Rana Erbrick expects a discussion, but the issue is not listed as a formal agenda item. If the subject comes up it likely will be during reports of council members.

“I just hope she comes with a better explanation of why we should do what she suggests,” Erbrick said. “We have rules already in place that are similar. To read a statement before the meeting like a commandment, frankly, seems a little intimidating. I think the rules in place just need to be enforced, and that starts with the Chair. I believe that any resident has the right to stand up at the podium for their three minutes and say whatever they want. I just wish they didn’t name the employee.”

Two of the ordinance public hearings deal with amendments to the future land use map. One concerns property at 1504 S.E. 6th Avenue seeking a multi-family residential designation instead of the current single family designation. Planning and Zoning commissioners recently voted 4-3 to recommend approval.

The second concerns property located at 326-505 N.E. 16th Place requesting a change from commercial/professional to flexible development overlay district. P&Z members unanimously recommend approval.

Council will consider amending the code of ordinances governing personnel matters by adding a section providing for fingerprinting and criminal history record checks for certain city employees and appointees.

The final public hearing seeks to amend the code of ordinances concerning alarm systems and registration thereof to remain compliant with Florida law.

According to a memo from the city attorney’s office, the city has not adopted a process for renaming local streets, but it can be accomplished through Home Rule and Florida Statutes with the exception of state roads and roads outside the boundaries of the municipality.

Monday’s meeting is scheduled to begin at 4:30 p.m.