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Maughan to keep up the fight on water quality

By Staff | Sep 7, 2016

Even though Jason Maughan lost out in his quest to become state senator in Tuesday’s primary, he will continue to fly the banner in the fight to improve the water quality in Southwest Florida.

Maughan, an attorney from Sanibel, was defeated handily by Lizbeth Benacquisto for her seat as State Senator in the 27th District by a more than 2 to 1 margin.

But even in the hours following his defeat, Maughan was getting together with his people to sketch out a plan of attack to keep water quality at the forefront by forming a conservative conservation group.

The group will be named MOWGA (Make Our Water Great Again) and will attempt to bring legislation to Tallahassee and advocate to effect change in water quality.

Maughan who said he wasn’t afforded the same attention as the incumbent, put water quality as not only the main issue of his campaign, but in many ways the only issue, as it has an effect on everything in the area, from the environment to tourism to education.

Unfortunately, he was never granted a debate or a major interview on any of the television stations to make his point. He hopes as a citizen and activist, he could persuade Benacquisto and other legislators to get to work on the issue.

“I hope you realize how serious the issue of water is. She is going to own this for the next four years and I hope she does all she can to move water south,” Maughan said Tuesday night after the results came in.

Now that he’s gone, he said he plans to continue the fight.

Maughan said that the discharges from Lake Okeechobee into the Caloosahatchee, as well as the outdated septic systems in North Fort Myers are the main culprits in the water quality dilemma.

He will also get the message out far beyond the confines of Lee County, looking at the Tampa Bay area, where he believes his message will be batter received.

Maughan will be judging at a local film festival and also plans to visit the site of what was to be a reservoir in Clewiston before the plan was nixed by previous governor, Charlie Crist.

Maughan said he will also give speeches, drawing on his Irish heritage and beginnings to get people, particularly Latino immigrants, looking for better jobs.

“There is a future for these people, it’s just that their overlords don’t want there to be more. There’s no way out of places like Clewiston and Okeechobee unless you play football,” Maughan said.