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Zika virus

By Staff | Aug 31, 2016

To the editor:

To the residents of Sanibel,

As we continue to read the news of the Zika virus spreading in Miami-Dade county, we would like to suggest an effective mosquito-eliminating measure that all residents of Sanibel should consider: Summit Mosquito Dunks. (Please note: we are in No way affiliated with Summit Chemical, except as satisfied customers, ) Mosquito Dunks disrupt the digestive processes of mosquito larvae and prevent them from maturing into mosquitoes. The mosquito larvae then die and do not reproduce. Mosquito dunks are completely harmless to ALL other types of wildlife; they do not harm fish, birds, other insects, humans or any species of animals. They are labeled for use in organic gardening by the Environmental Protection Agency and could be considered for use in wildlife refuge areas, where other pesticides are not allowed. We have used them for many years in our rain-filled puddles and they extremely effective.

A dunk is simply tossed into any body of standing water and it protects an area 10 by 10 feet, to any depth. The dunks can be broken into smaller pieces to protect fountains, puddles, bird baths, etc., and multiple dunks can be used in larger areas. They last for 30 days in water, and if the water evaporates, the dried dunk will simply deactivate until water reaches it again. It is an excellent solution for mosquito control on a sanctuary island. We strongly urge residents and business owners to purchase and place them in low-lying areas in advance of heavy rains. The dunks will be activated when water collects in these areas and will prevent any mosquitoes from maturing.

Mosquito dunks are available at Baileys and Ace on the island, as well as at Home Depot, Lowe’s, and online at Amazon and directly from Summit.

Mosquito dunks are an easy, proactive measure that all residents can take to help prevent the Zika virus from occurring on Sanibel.


Rick and Karen Fichthorn