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Vote Pam Keith for U.S. Senate in the Democratic Primary

By Staff | Aug 24, 2016

To the editor:

I would like to remind your readers that there are five Democratic candidates for the U.S. Senate running in Florida. Pam Keith is often not included.

She stands tall above the other four, also above Rubio. She can knock it out of the park. She can steal home from second base. She would leave the others standing at the plate with the bats on their shoulder.

You ask, “Where is she?” She was in Fort Myers for two days last week. You ask, “Why we haven’t heard of her?” She does not have the support of the power structure. She is treated like Sister Rose.

She is the senator our country, state, and county needs. New leadership with fresh workable ideas and full of energy.

The daughter of a former ambassador,and naval officer. She herself is a navy veteran and former JAG officer.

She has a strong history of litigation, both military and civilian. She is strong in labor law.

She offers solutions to our water and pollution problems. Solutions to our veterans health care, more of a stronger VA, not an underfunded VA. Sensible ideas to restore the economy with jobs paying livable wages that inspire Americans to build America. Not just minimal wage services jobs. She has workable ideas to handle the gun violence, drug problems and mass incarceration.

As a person with a wealth of experience and well-traveled, she has a great philosophy on our immigration problem.

We need to elect Pam Keith to fight to preserve our freedom, democracy, and civil rights.

Vote for Pam Keith.

Lewis Robinson

Fort Myers