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CROW releases E8 back into the wild after three months of rehab

By Staff | Aug 24, 2016

E8 moments before he took flight. KENNY HOWELL/CROW

E8 was released back into the wild near its nest in North Fort Myers on Thursday. Hospital Director Heather Barron said the release went “smooth as silk.”

“It went very well. We opened up the door, he took a quick look around and then he took straight off. He flew very strongly; it couldn’t have gone better,” Barron said.

The eaglet arrived at CROW May 13 after suffering a broken femur in its right leg after being knocked out of his nest by an owl. E8 underwent surgery and spent nearly a month recovering before the pins in his leg could be taken out.

During rehabilitation, CROW had E8 work on his flying skills daily and he completed live prey training for nearly a month before being released back into the wild.

Previously, E8 checked into CROW shortly after he was born after becoming entangled in fishing line.

E8 practiced live prey training for nearly a month before being released back in North Fort Myers. KENNY HOWELL/CROW

Before being released, E8 was banded by Florida Fish and Wildlife so he can be identified in the future if something happens.

Dr. Barron said she has no qualms about E8 getting readjusted back into the wild.

“I think he has as good a chance as any other eagle his age. One of the things we did with E8 was give him a very supportive environment where he could follow his instincts to hunt and teach himself to hunt. He was in excellent shape when he left here,” Barron said.