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Sewers, Captiva Drive still under discussion at Captiva Community Panel meeting

By Staff | Aug 17, 2016

The Captiva Community Panel met last week after a two month hiatus. The sewer committee submitted its feedback from the proposal of the new system to Pam Keyes and Doug Muir. They are still awaiting feedback from both parties.

Ken Gooderham, committee member, said that Lee County is looking into a proposal that Gov. Scott put forth in early July. The proposal states that the governor will match a grant for communities that are switching from septic to sewer. If passed, the proposal will go into effect next year.

“Right now, he’s saying a 50 percent match for the areas that are being affected by the lake, so it’s us and St. Lucie basically. It could be a real important thing for this study and the island if it goes forward because it will pay half the cost. With that being said, it’s a proposal that’s not written down and concrete and it has not gone through the legislature, so there’s a lot of if’s there. Pam [Keyes] said she is going to keep her eye out to see if there is some credibility to it,” Gooderham said.

The next step, according to Gooderham, is to get commissioners on board once the cost for sewers is finalized.

Jay Brown, another member of the sewer committee, said a meeting needs to be held with Keyes to determine what the scope of the study is going to be. Brown is also looking for feedback from SCCF in regards to the nutrient load impact. Rae Ann Wessel, natural resource policy holder at SCCF, agreed to look over the proposal at the meeting.

During the meeting, the panel also touched on Captiva Drive improvements. David Mintz, a Captiva Community Panel member, said he is still waiting to hear back from Jose Gonzalez about the computer generated drawings of the drive. Mintz is hoping to get things started by the fall.

The next Captiva Community Panel meeting will be held Sept. 13.