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Sanibel School looking for volunteers

By Staff | Aug 17, 2016

Jennifer Rose, a library volunteer at the Sanibel School, checks out a book. ASHLEY GOODMAN

The Sanibel School is looking for an array of different types of volunteers for this school year. On Aug. 18, the school is holding a volunteer orientation from 1 to 2 p.m.

Linda Reynolds, volunteer coordinator at the Sanibel School, is looking for individuals who are interested in volunteering whether it is in the library helping children check out a book or tutoring them when school gets out.

“We always need, not just want, but need volunteers to help our staff. Anybody in a position as a teacher or staff member or paid Lee County employee can in fact request to have people in their classroom or to help them in some capacity. Some volunteers can even work from home,” Reynolds said.

The Sanibel School is very flexible and does their best to match individuals with what they are most passionate about. Prior experience is not required.

“On the application itself, it does ask them what their interests are. We will try to meet those. If they’re science people, we’ll put them with a science teacher or if they like to do clerical work, we’ll put them in the library,” Reynolds said.

Assistant Principal at the Sanibel School, Jamie Reid said that sometimes they will even have volunteers come in on Friday to do a special activity with the kids.

“We’ve had some really talented volunteers come in who work with classroom teachers. We have something on Fridays where the teacher does something special. The volunteers plan some really creative activities that they can do on Fridays and it’s been really beneficial to the teachers. Teachers have very little planning time so anything that can help them really makes a huge difference,” Reid said.

The volunteers are a vital part of the Sanibel School and provide an important lifeline for teachers. According to Reid, the support is deeply needed.

“We value the talents of our community. We live in a fabulous community and there’s so many resources out there and our teachers need that support. They really do, they don’t have enough time to really plan things and follow thorough but when we have volunteers, it really helps to meet that need,” Reid said.

For more information on volunteering with the Sanibel School, call Linda Reynolds at (239) 472-1617 or send her an email at lindasr@leeschools.net.