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Purchase of new portable radios for CCPD OK’d

By Staff | Aug 2, 2016

City Council approved a resolution Monday night to purchase new portable radios from Motorola because the current radios are “obsolete” since the company will not make replacement parts for warranty or non-warranty repairs.

In a memo to the city, Interim Police Chief Dave Newlan recommended replacing 250 portable units in the current budget year at a total cost of $793,465. By replacing the portables in 2016, Newlan said the department would be in a better position to begin replacing 130 obsolete movie radios in 2017.

Newlan explained that all police agencies use the Motorola radios and the agencies need to be able to communicate with each other. Alternate manufacturers of radios would not be able to communicate with the radios in other agencies. He added that new mobile radios would be installed in new police vehicles ordered in 2017.

Replacing all 250 radios by Sept. 30 would earn the department a $100,000 trade-in discount. The purchase funds will come from the general fund, the special revenue fund (confiscation and federal sources) and a grant.

Pergolas permitted accessory

Council amended its land use regulations by approving a request from staff to create pergolas as a permitted accessory use in residential and non-residential uses.

Pergolas provide a canopy or shading over walkways, entryways and plantings.

Pergolas were excluded from use in the Cape under the broader land use regulations that did not mention pergolas specifically. In recent years, home improvement stores in town have sold pergolas and residents mistakenly assumed they were legal.

The new regulations allow freestanding use up to 200 square feet (100 square feet per duplex unit) or attachment to the primary residential structure. They may be placed only in the rear or side of a home unless built over a walkway to the front entrance.

For commercial uses, attachments to primary structures is unlimited. The number of pergolas and their size will be determined by the Department of Community Development.

Council’s next regular meeting is at 4:30 p.m. next Monday at City Hall.