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Florida politicians receive $57.8 million dollars from Big Sugar

By Staff | Jul 20, 2016

To the editor:

Over two decades Big Sugar has given $57.8 million dollars to Florida politicians to create legislation which has legalized Sugar’s complete destruction of Lake Okeechobee and South Florida’s estuaries. In 2016 we are facing new very serious danger with heavily polluted water pouring into our area containing cyanobacteria, exposing our citizens to two dread diseases, ALS and Parkinson’s. These neurological diseases attack and destroy muscular control of our bodies, and finally kill us. Alzheimer’s may soon join the list. What can be done immediately to protect our citizens? The solution is simple, but Florida’s greedy politicians refuse to act. Florida’s State Legislature has the power of eminent domain to seize sugar lands south of Lake O which are both the source of the pollution and the solution. The newly available lands will be the site for construction of treatment reservoirs redirecting Big Sugar’s polluted water away from our estuaries. Many baseball parks are created through eminent domain – so how tough can it be? Or too tough for our politicians to give up another $57,800,000 dollars? Fair Warning, legislators – your jobs are at stake – MAN UP – Pass Eminent Domain NOW.

Jill Dillon