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Vote for water quality

By Staff | Jul 14, 2016

To the editor:

The New York Times and CNN have made Florida’s polluted water resource issue a national story equivalent to Flint, Michigan. As always politics and greed have created another environmental mess, a problem, which began decades ago.

Charlie Crist, our last Democratic Governor, worked valiantly to wrest control from Big Sugar and agricultural interests who have for decades systematically and deliberately polluted Lake Okeechobee. But his efforts to clean up our polluted estuaries by buying up Sugar Land south of Lake O for treatment and redirection of the water ended abruptly with Jeb Bush, and the tipping point has come with Governor Rick Scott and his bag man, Matt Caldwell, House District 79 in Lee County.

Each year hundreds of thousands of dollars from Big Sugar, their affiliates and agricultural interests are distributed to Governor Scott and Florida State Legislators for the express purpose of protecting their profits and preserving their right to pollute.

At Governor Scott’s behest Caldwell spearheaded the Water Policy Bill of 2016 that, according to area environmentalist Ray Judah, “undermined water resource protection from Apalachicola Bay to the Florida Keys.”

Caldwell is up for reelection in November, running against John Scott, environmentalist. Scott (no relation to the governor) has statistically a very good chance of winning. Let’s start a new tipping point: Donate to John’s campaign at VoteJohnScott.com.

Jill Dillon