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Separate Sanibel, Captiva

By Staff | Jul 6, 2016

To the editor,

There have been so many suggestions as to how we might mitigate traffic congestion, and thus restore the quiet, small town atmosphere envisioned by those who wrote, and adopted, the Sanibel Plan.

I’m surprised no one has suggested the following.

My proposal is construction of a new causeway from Captiva, to the mainland. A glance at the map shows that this is easily done, going directly from Andy Rosse Lane straight to the center of Pine Island, where it would meet with the highway leading across the Matlacha bridge and onto Cape Coral! Once the new causeway is completed we could then eliminate the Blind Pass Bridge, which currently links our two islands, Sanibel and Captiva.

The advantages of this plan are immediately obvious.

Sanibel and Captiva traffic would be separated. The stretch limousines, the enormous tour coaches, and the 12-wheel delivery trucks en route to Captiva would be gone from our roads.

Since we would no longer share the causeway with Captiva (an unincorporated part of Lee County,) we would present a strong case to the county that the causeway now should be ours; no more need to share the tolls with the county.

As the only jurisdiction now served by our causeway, we should be entitled to limit traffic in whatever way our leaders deem appropriate; perhaps charging a considerable supplement for those who are simply sightseeing.

I’m hoping that the citizens of Captiva will seize upon this opportunity. They will no longer be a hyphenated appendage to Sanibel, the larger and more populous island, which will now be an hour and a half away by automobile. Instead they will be free to grow and to prosper as they see fit. Furthermore they will enjoy the excitement of passing through the vibrant artistic world of Matlacha every time they drive to the mainland.

It is my suggestion that the town council put this suggestion to the voters as a referendum before another tourist season is upon us.

Karl Rodman