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Keep the keeper’s quarters

By Staff | Jul 6, 2016

To the editor,

I don’t know Sanibel Planning Commission Chairman Phillip Marks. I have met Dr. John Raffensperger. The quoted words of Mr. Marks in the Island Reporter article regarding the future use of the Sanibel Island Light Station (6/22/16) are in my opinion ridiculous.

To utter an opinion in support of turning the lighthouse keeper’s quarters into below market housing units suggests that he has a serious absence of historical perspective. Although he’s lived on Sanibel a whopping 15 years I’m astounded he does not recognize the potential interpretive value the light tower and its quarters add to the values of Sanibel.

The light station currently has no historical interpretation and it’s true the station needs 24/7 protection. There is now an opportunity for the city to join with other municipalities in Florida that own lighthouses and proudly educate the public about “America’s castles.” In my eBook, “The Sanibel Island Lighthouse,” I offer suggestions on management of the lighthouse property. Mr. Marks, and his fellow planning commissioners (and the City Council) should read that, and if he hasn’t, read the eBook version of my “Sanybel Light.” He may come away with a different view; he will, at the very least, be educated on the lighthouse and learn more about the island for which he “plans.”

I thoroughly enjoy Dr. Raffensperger’s almost weekly commentaries in the Island Reporter. Each is spot on. They closely follow my opinions of what’s happened to Sanibel. I agree wholeheartedly with him on rotaries. Many years ago, we on the City Council reviewed the use of roundabouts to improve traffic flow. If I remember correctly, the consulting engineers of the day recommended they not be installed because they would not ease congestion and would increase the number of intersection accidents. I’m afraid that there is only one solution for Dr. Raffensperger and those folks on the island that agree with him-move off island like I did. Then, like me, they can have the satisfaction of saying, “I told you so.”

Charles LeBuff

Fort Myers