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Bakery, sandwich shop approved to open on island

By Staff | Jul 6, 2016

A new bakery and sandwich shop will come to the Islander Center after the Sanibel Planning Commission approved a conditional use permit last week.

Roy Gibson, senior planner for the City of Sanibel, said the 980-square- foot commercial unit was previously occupied by a retail bookstore. The unit is at 3407 Periwinkle Way.

One of the specific requirements that is requested of the applicant is there be no access driveway to the property within 200 feet of the intersection of Periwinkle Way and Palm Ridge Road. The second specific requirement deals with the wastewater disposal having to be compliant and adequate of the proposed use.

Gibson said the unit has an onsite lift station that pumps wastewater to the Sanibel Sewer System. He said city engineers have reviewed the private lift station and finds that the existing system serves the Clam Shack restaurant on the property.

The applicant is also required to provide a grease trap as a condition to comply with conditional use approval.

Virginia Wagner, owner of Totally Baked on Sanibel, said she has been in the business since 1982. She owned her own bakery, restaurant and amusement park in a similar town in Chesapeake Bay in Virginia.

“We had a 3,000 population in that town for our off season and in season, which was summer in Virginia; it bumped up to 40,000 plus tourists coming to the island. I owned and operated all of these businesses, including a video store all at one time,” Wagner said. “So, it was very busy for me. I am used to the hustle and bustle.”

She spent her time vacationing on Sanibel starting as a young girl with her family. Wagner said it became a goal of hers to one day live on the island, which became a reality four years ago.

“I have been a bakery manager and pastry chef working here locally at one of the grocery stores,” Wagner said. “Since then the bakery has been number one in the town, which has been an accomplishment on my behalf. I have enjoyed it. I have worked upwards of 60 to 80 hours a week daily all year long.”

With those hours she reached her goal and living the dream of opening Totally Baked on Sanibel.

“I didn’t plan on it happening this quick. I was on my way to work at 4 in the morning and the location proposed was lit up and empty,” Wagner said.

She made an appointment to see the space and instantly knew that is where she wanted to start her business.

Totally Baked on Sanibel has proposed to prepare assorted pastries; cookies; cupcakes; cakes; biscuits; confections; breads; carved to the bone ham, turkey and roast beef and homemade salads and soups. The business will also offer water, coffee, tea and lemonade.

Wagner said there will be an open air concept for a kitchen, so customers can watch them make bread, rolls, pies and cakes.

“I will have as much healthiness as I can goodness,” she said about vegetarian, sugar free, dairy free and gluten free items.

Wagner said she hopes to open the doors by 6 a.m. so she can service the early risers. She said she does not plan on opening in the evenings.

Totally Baked on Sanibel will also be completely eco-friendly with no plastics.

“Everything has to be biodegradable and island friendly. I am a firm believer after living here for four years the damage that plastic can do to the island. That is a big factor for me,” Wagner said.

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