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New geriatric care company offers options for individuals in Lee County

By Staff | Jun 22, 2016

Jewelyn Sims, owner and founder of Sunshine Aging Care Solutions. PHOTO PROVIDED

Jewelyn Sims, owner and founder of Sunshine Aging Care Solutions, began her own geriatric care company in Lee County this month. Sims’ new endeavor will offer care for residents in Sanibel, Captiva and Ft. Myers.

Sunshine Aging Solutions offers care management for older adults who are facing ongoing health challenges, memory issues and those who wish to remain independent while living in their home.

“What differentiates us from the local providers of geriatric care services is that we have high expectations for the service provider delivery system as well as expectations of the gold standard of care for our elderly population. We accept nothing less than excellence and going beyond the extra mile to make sure that our clients receive excellent care and care that meets the needs in the goals of our individual clients. Each have specifics that make their life worthwhile and we find those specific needs and work to provide what they need not only what they need but what their desires hopes and aspirations are in their life,” Sims said.

Sunshine Aging provides service in all the following areas: housing, home care services, medical management, communication, social activities, legal, financial, entitlements, safety and security. The company offers 24/7 care.

Sims has been a nurse since 1979. In 2004, she went back to school and received her master’s degree in nursing and business administration from Vanderbilt University.

The company offers 12 different services that are tailor-made to that individual. According to Sims, the average 75-year-old has at least three daily tasks that they have trouble completing. Sims’ not only helps the aging individual, but their family as well.

“Our goal is that the elderly knows that they are getting the best possible options available for whatever he or she has going on,” Sims said. “I’m really wanting to do something that I love but in the same token, give back to those who have done for me too.”

Sims’ team is comprised of master level registered nurses, licensed medical social workers, licensed pharmacists, music and art therapists and registered dietitians who use a holistic approach to how they operate. Sims and her team gives each individual a personal assessment from head-to-toe to meet each of their needs.

Sims has designed programs that helps with almost every need you can think of. This includes helping them move in with a loved one to even assisting them with designing a hurricane escape plan. Her goal is to allow them to keep their independence.

“I’m that person who’s going to make sure that they know that I have their best interest at heart,” she said.

One of their popular programs deals with dementia/cognitive deficit support. In this program, the caregiver will learn how to educate and support themselves and their loved one. The program will coach individuals on how to cope as a caregiver and how to deal with the challenges of the disease, as well as teaching ADL strategies to the individual. The family will be given an assessment along with the loved one to see what the next steps are.

Along with their myriad of programs, Sims offers a Driving Beyond Dignity program to facilitate a self-assessment of driving skills. She meets with the individual and spends anywhere from three to four hours assisting them with their decision to stop driving based on their assessment. At the end of the ride, Sims will give them a written recommendation telling them if they are able to drive or not. If the client decides to give up their license, her team will provide alternatives for transportation. According to Sims, most of the time they end up giving up their license.

“What I do is I take the emotion away from it and give them strictly facts,” Sims said.

For more information on the different programs Sunshine Aging Care Solutions offers, or rates, you can contact Jewelyn Sims at 239-472-3330 or visit their website at sunshineaging.com.