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Rooney running for Congressional District 19

By Staff | Jun 15, 2016

Naples resident Francis Rooney has announced his bid for Florida’s 19th Congressional District seat.

“It’s a great honor and privilege to have the opportunity to run for this important position,” Rooney said.

He decided to run because he believes there is currently a serious problem in this country. After writing op-eds for many years regarding what he felt should change, Rooney believes running for Congress will give him a different platform to try and make some changes.

“I want to get our country back in gear,” Rooney said, citing the need for economic opportunities through job creation. “We really appreciate the diverse and engaging people in our community. Because of that we have a unique opportunity to create an economy of the future, so people live where they want. Young people have the opportunity to have good jobs and careers right here in Lee and Collier County.”

When Rooney was 26, he took over the family construction business with his brother. He said the economy was really bad, and they were struggling to pay their bills. Determination pushed them through the hardship and they were able to rebuild the company after Ronald Reagan was elected as president in 1980.

“He restored confidence in our country,” Rooney said.

The cut in taxes and spending, as well as setting companies on both a sound economic and secure footing, he said, helped in building companies providing a good career and opportunity to fulfill the American dream.

Now, the company has spread throughout the country and into foreign countries with good standing. The employees, Rooney said, own a good piece of the company.

“I have a freedom to try public service to help improve things to come after me,” he said because the company is doing well.

In addition to creating jobs, water quality is also a topic that is important because it is what brought Rooney and his family to the area. Rooney said Rep. Curt Clawson, who has announced he will not seek re-election, did a lot of good work on water quality issues for the area.

“Everybody has their own personal style. I have my style and it’s probably different than Curt,” he said. “I’m very much interested in making a difference.”

Rooney said if he should be fortunate enough to win the election and represent the people of Lee and Collier County he will unite the Florida delegation to increase impact on the issues. He will also obtain funds and take care of infrastructure needs, such as repairing the Everglades Watershed, which he believes is a top priority for this country.

Also announced is Sanibel resident Chauncey Goss. The two will face off in the Republic primary.

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