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Bigger isn’t always better

By Staff | Jun 15, 2016

To the editor:

I was very pleased to read the recent letter from Tom DeBenedictis in the Island Reporter. In a short amount of space he has highlighted several problems (owners vs. business interests), traffic and a seemingly forgotten Sanibel Plan!

My wife and I have attended several “hits” at BIG ARTS, and have yet to see a full house. Why the need for a larger facility, with more of our wonderful island set aside for more parking. encouraging more traffic?

The roundabout is a silly idea, just ask anyone from an area that has them, and especially here with many visitors unfamiliar with traffic patterns on the island.

Finally, and most important, is a public referendum, fair and open during the time (season) when most residents are here on our sanctuary island.

John B. Gworek, D.D,S.