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City launches online property ‘checkbook’ to compare Cape Coral’s cost for services

By Staff | Jun 10, 2016

Cape Coral has created an online “Property Checkbook” tool for property-specific comparisons of costs for services in Cape Coral with other cities. The is an interactive version of the “property checkbook” used by City administration during budget preparation.

The City created the online version by modifying their original “Property Checkbook,” which compares the cost to live in Cape Coral with other cities simply using an “average” home value. The online version provides a search function where the costs for a specific property in Cape Coral can be viewed and compared with the cost to live in the other “checkbook” cities.

“Cape Coral is one of the most affordable cities in the state of Florida, and this innovative tool will show how the costs to live in Cape Coral compare to other cities,” city spokesperson Connie Barron said in a prepared statement. “Current and potential property owners can search for a specific property in Cape Coral, view the ‘check’ they would write for Cape Coral services, and then compare costs for the same property if it was located in these other cities.”

The property search on the Property Checkbook page will return actual tax information as well as other assessments for the specific property. The checkbook provides a calculator to determine the amount of “public service tax” a homeowner would pay based on the amount of kilowatt hours entered. This produces the total annual cost for services in Cape Coral, with Cape Coral’s portion highlighted separately. The property’s costs to live in the other cities in the checkbook comparison can be calculated using the link located below this data.

“The online Property Checkbook was created with the assistance of our IT Department,” said Barron. “One of the nice features they added are ‘print’ buttons to enable the printing of the initial search results for the specific property as well as the page with the comparison cities.

Another link on the checkbook page provides more property-specific GIS information available from the City’s GIS program. This includes land use, zoning, strap number, owner, lot size, values, etc.

General benchmarking data also can be accessed from the checkbook page. The City uses Munetrix to benchmark various financial data and compare Cape Coral with “peer” cities (11 cities) and cities within the Southwest Regional Planning Council area (14 cities).

To access the online property checkbook, go to: www.capecoral.net/checkbook.

– Source:?City of Cape Coral