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Time for a change

By Staff | Jun 8, 2016

To the editor:

This week Lee County’s water resources are once again overwhelmed with the destructive effects of Big Sugar pollution, aided and abetted by the many politicians who need Sugar money to hold on to their legislative seats.

However, our citizens can now look to a strong supporter of environmental preservation, John Scott, running in November in District 79. He is determined to defeat Matt Caldwell, the errand boy for Big Sugar who currently ensures the domination of Big Sugar’s control of our water management system. John has the support of unhappy District 79 voters, but needs donations to equal the Sugar sums already in Caldwell’s pocket.

The majority of us cannot vote for John, but we have every opportunity to support him by going to votejohnscott.com, or phoning him at (941) 212-0048.

The Conservancy of Florida’s Jennifer Hacker says “these routine algae outbreaks have resurfaced and will continue to do so until we buy additional land south of Lake O needed to cleanse and redirect the damaging polluted discharges currently coming into the Caloosahatchee.” These discharges “must be redirected back to the Everglades, where they historically flowed and belonged.” John Scott promises to spearhead this mission.

Jill Dillon