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Don’t forget the traffic issues

By Staff | Jun 1, 2016

To the editor:

I’m glad to see COTI is taking an interest in this project that appears to be a bonanza for BIG ARTS, which is scheduled to receive $21 million or half of this projected $42 million project. If BIG ARTS is already able to contribute $12 million to the project, as they indicate, they could certainly use that money, their borrowing ability, and perhaps donations to improve their present structures, programs and parking capacity, if necessary, and not burden the entire island residents with debt for their enhancements. BIG ARTS is great, but not so great that every island resident should be forced to pay for their improvements.

It seems to me it will increase traffic and congestion on Periwinkle. Presently the groups seeking improvements are decentralized, which probably already reduces congestion somewhat. To have all of the activities located in one central location, as described, seems to be pure folly. Wow! Parking for 400 cars! I can visualize massive bottlenecks at the proposed entrances. If BIG ARTS and the others wish to expand, they should do whatever they can afford and not burden the rest of us with a massive and questionable project.

Also, who or what are the “other funding sources” referred to? Who comprises “The Civic Core leadership team” that came up with this plan? Who actually did “several years of preliminary planning?”

If the time spent dreaming up this project had been used to address our traffic problem instead, that issue might be solved by now. If the creation of an obscure internet site, that few are aware of, describing traffic conditions, represents the best effort of those trying to solve the congestion problem, I am not optimistic about their future efforts to address this issue (although I hope there will be some).

It’s a shame so much of the project’s activity will take place during the off-season when many residents aren’t around. The plan to begin construction in January seems absurd.

Hal Tray