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Manners are also an important part of Sanibel

By Staff | May 25, 2016

To the editor:

I don’t usually write letters to the newspaper, but after reading Dr. John Reid’s scathing, ill-mannered letter to this department in last week’s May 11 Island Reporter, I feel compelled to make an exception. First of all, we islanders try to always be polite to each other regardless of how much we disagree with each other, especially in a public forum. Calling someone “the resident nattering nabob of negativism” is unnecessarily rude. Freedom of speech is our constitutional right in these United States and even Dr. Reid is entitled to his opinion, but let us remember our manners.

As it happens, I too am in total disagreement with the Sanibel Civic and Cultural Core Project. Enlarging our present facilities may be necessary in some instances, but let’s not go hog wild and lose sight of what Sanibel’s original goals stood for “an island refuge for wildlife” where wildlife and man live in peace and harmony.

I have been an island resident for 35 years and have seen the island change and not always for the better. Our former city planners carefully considered every addition to private and public buildings. We could not just pave over land for our convenience, or put up fences, chop down existing trees, add tennis courts, or swimming pools at whim. Every new restaurant, or business was given careful consideration after evaluating their impact on existing businesses.

All of us as island residents, along with our city council, have a lot to consider in what impact all this development for our conveniences has on our fragile barrier island and more importantly our wild creatures that call Sanibel a safe haven.

Meanwhile let’s remember our manners. We can agree to disagree, but let’s do it island style!

Marsha Wagner