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How many links in a chain?

By Staff | May 25, 2016

To the editor:

I commend Dr. Phillip Marks and Tom Krekel on the planning commission for voting against Fantasea, a chain store with other outlets in Florida. On the other hand, Dr. Marks and the commission trampled on the Sanibel plan when they approved the new Doc Ford’s restaurant, a chain with three links. The commission might also ask how the La France cleaning and laundry outlet came to Sanibel. La France has outlets from Sarasota to Naples and by definition is a “chain.” In addition, their trucks carrying cleaning and laundry off and on the island contribute to increased traffic.

Remember when Larry Schopp, April 27, 2012, Santiva Chronicle, expressed concern because the planning commission and the city council was overbalanced by business people? His concerns have come true. The commission and the council will by variances, redevelopment and every device possible cater to the business people who feed off the tourist industry.

According to the chamber of commerce Sanibel needs ever more tourists to support business. It is then perfectly logical to have more business, so that we will need more tourists to support the businesses. Is there no end to this pyramid scheme? Since we have only two supermarkets, why not a Publix? Are two hardware stores enough to support the needs of tourists? Isn’t it time for a Home Depot on Sanibel? We have only three bait and tackle shops. A Bass Pro store would fit nicely on Tarpon Bay. As the influx of tourists grows, there will be a crying need for a McDonalds at the SCCF Bailey Tract. And, thinking of “Donald,” it won’t be long until the council approves a 30-story Trump Tower by the Sea. All of this “redevelopment” will require four lane highways, roundabouts and even another bridge. The Lee County promoters are ecstatic. Just think of the possibilities for palm greasing.

Fortunately, the council is planning ahead for mass tourism. When the visitors are disgusted with beaches fouled by agricultural waste they can enjoy the “Tourist Entertainment Complex,” also known as the Mayor Ruane’s Community Center.

Not long ago, at a meeting at BIG ARTS, Mr. Goss, senior, said Sanibel should remain a community with tourists, not a tourist industry that overwhelms the community. Sadly, he is a voice from the past.

Oh, in answer to another letter; a nabob was a British governor in India who was rich and prominent.

John Raffensperger, MD,

a nattering nabob.