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Captiva Fire working with Knox HomeBox to offer secure emergency access to homes

By Staff | May 25, 2016

Captiva homeowners are now being offered the opportunity to purchase a secure vault with minimal assembly that will provide the Captiva Island Fire District with access to a home in case of an emergency.

Captiva Island Fire District Deputy Chief Jeff Pawul said since they have used the Knox commercial application for many years, they were excited to see the service being offered for residential homes. He said Captiva has many more residential homes than commercial businesses, especially with a great deal of them being seasonal and rental properties.

“Having home emergency access will assist us in saving people and property. The Knox HomeBox will help us enter the home quickly without damaging property,” Knox President Joni Trempala said in a prepared statement. “We’re excited to offer the homeowner our new Knox HomeBox, which the fire department can use and get fast access to you, or your home in an emergency.”

The Knox HomeBox is a single key vault that offers the Captiva Island Fire District with a faster way to access a home without forceful entry during an emergency. The product comes in a wall mount, or a door hanger, in colors antique white, linen and dove. The price ranges from $159 to $174 depending on the style of the product.

Those interested in purchasing the product can visit www.knoxhomebox.com by clicking on order. There are three steps to follow, selecting a state, selecting the city and then selecting the community, Captiva. Once the three steps are taken, Captiva Island Fire District will appear at the top of the screen.

Pawul said after the Knox HomeBox is installed, the homeowner can call the Captiva Island Fire District at (239) 472-9494 and within a couple of days they will stop by the home once a time is scheduled.

“We lock it and secure it,” he said of the box.

The homeowner places a house key, or code into the Knox HomeBox, which is then locked by the Captiva Island Fire District, allowing them with the only access. Pawul said they have one key that will unlock all of the boxes stored in a safe in the fire truck.

Pawul said the product provides a secure and fast way to enter a home. He said it becomes extremely beneficial when someone is by themselves unable to answer the locked door while having a medical emergency. Without a Knox HomeBox the fire department may be wasting time testing all the doors to see if they are unlocked before having to resort to a forceful entry breaking down a door, or through a window.

“It’s a better option,” Pawul said of the Knox HomeBox.

Once the call is completed, the key will be returned to the box and locked by the Captiva Island Fire District.

He said the Knox HomeBox is meant for emergencies only and not when someone may lock themselves out of the home.

With the Captiva Island Fire District having 80 percent medical calls, the Knox HomeBox is truly a benefit when an emergency rises.

Those who have questions can contact Pawul at (239) 472-9494.

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