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Cape Rotary celebrates bounty of awards

By Staff | May 20, 2016

The members of the Rotary Club of Cape Coral aren’t the kind who thump their chests about winning awards. That’s not what they’re doing their good deeds for.

But they certainly were giving each other pats on the back after winning a boatload of awards this past weekend during the District 6960 conference at the Sanibel Harbor Resort.

On Wednesday, they came together for the groups’ breakfast meeting at La Venezia to celebrate their achievements and look ahead to next year.

The Rotary Club of Cape Coral took home three club awards and six personal awards, more than any of the 55 other clubs in the region.

Rotary President Jim Perry was quick to remark in the comments that Rotary International Director Robert Hall said to him, “You guys again?”

Perry was also quick to point out that it wasn’t anything they did special last year, but things they do every year.

“We do a lot of projects but, from a PR standpoint, we bought a racecar and raced it in Sebring and Daytona,” Perry said. “We did that to raise money to end polio and we also made a float in the Edison Parade.”

The club awards included the District Public Relations Award, Stellar Award, and Outstanding Service for Racing for Rotary and the Edison Parade; the Governor’s Award of Excellence, Gold Standard; and Zone 33-34 Rotary has Heart Award, which includes a George Lewis painting to be auctioned off at the Christmas Auction and 1,000 Foundation points to be awarded to a non-Rotarian PHF.

Personal Awards included:

Alison Hussey The Club Builder Award; Elmer Tabor Rotary Foundation Spirit Award for service above self; John Jacobsen Distinctive Service Award for his work on Fellowship of the Wheel; Nick Muhlenbruch Vocational Service Award from the district and Rotary International; Amy Rouskey Honorable mention for Sergeant-at-Arms of the Year; and Weezer Murphy Honorable mention for Bulletin Editor of the Year.

Tabor said his award, which is an example of what Rotary is all about, had never been given in this district, and those who are in Rotary are in it for the same reason, the community.

“Rotary is service above self, always giving back. That’s the whole idea of what Rotary does,” Tabor said. “When I joined Rotary, I got to rub shoulders with some of the strong people in the community. It gave me the opportunity to learn those skills.”

In other business, the Rotary also recognized Anna Ekbaeck, a foreign-exchange student from Sweden who has lived in the area for four years with different host families.

“It’s a heck of a program because how many people get the opportunity to live in Europe for a year, going to school and learning the culture?” Tabor said. “We’ve always been involved in hosting exchange students. It’s a great opportunity.”

The event also featured a spotlight on new Rotary member Mike Bacigalupo and guest speaker Jon Kulko from the Cape Coral Police Dept. traffic unit, who spoke of issues concerning crowded roads in the city.