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Paving Paradise

By Staff | May 18, 2016

To the editor:

Mayor Ruane and all of the City Council members are anxious to go looking “under every rock and stone” for $22 million for the Civic and Cultural Core Project. I wonder if this would be different if one of them lived in Periwinkle Pines (off Dunlop Road), whose character and serenity will be sacrificed to this project?

If the plan succeeds, my home, which I purchased two years ago because of its proximity to nature, will be at the intersection of the Civic and Cultural Core buildings and the Events Area/Pavilions of the Sanibel Community Center. The 25 “donated acres” referred to, are, to my understanding, currently zoned greenspace/preserve and are home to a bobcats, coyotes, raccoons and many kinds of birds … animals that contribute to keeping the balance of our natural world on Sanibel. Where are you in this, COTI?? What happened to The Sanibel Plan??

I am deeply saddened that we will pave our paradise to literally put up a parking lot at the cost of our wildlife and greenspace. PLEASE, please, think carefully about the ramifications of this Civic and Cultural Core project.

Karen Lawrence