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E8 remains in critical condition

By Staff | May 18, 2016

Eaglet E8 received radiographs (x-rays) as a follow up to Saturday’s surgery Wednesday, May 18 at CROW. The radiographs showed good pin placement that was placed in E8’s right leg to repair the femur fracture. E8 still remains in critical condition and will continue to receive pain medication, supportive care and remain on strict cage rest.


A juvenile American bald eagle was found injured near the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam earlier Friday, May 13 and brought to CROW Clinic.

After photo identification and other factors, such as location and condition of the eagle, it is strongly believed to be E8. The eagle arrived thin, dehydrated and very weak. Radiographs showed a right leg femur fracture (broken leg) that will require surgery the weekend of May 13.

E8 is currently in critical condition and will remain on strict cage rest. The prognosis is guarded and CROW veterinarians will have more information after surgery is complete to repair the broken femur.

E8 took its first fledge at nearly 14 weeks, a little later than normal. On Feb. 8, E8 had to be rescued from its nest after it got caught, presumably by some fishing line.

The Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife, LCEC and a local MasTec contractor came together, secured a bucket truck and rescued the eaglet from its entanglement and brought it to the CROW facility on Sanibel for evaluation.

E8 spent three days at CROW, where it was fed, had its injured foot treated and got over a case of dehydration before it was returned to the nest.

The first weekend of May another incident occurred.

Both eaglets in the nest on the Pritchett property off Bayshore Road in North Fort Myers were seen resting on a branch, when an owl apparently knocked both fledglings off their perch at around 3:30 a.m., Saturday, May 7. That was the last time E8 was seen on the Pritchett Eagle Cam. The mother, Harriet, the father, M15, and E7 had been spotted on the cam.

Chuck Ballaro, Breeze reporter, contributed to report