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Captiva Drive improvement plan discussion continues

By Staff | May 18, 2016

The Captiva Community Panel discussed its next steps in tackling a Captiva Drive improvement plan, which includes talking with property owners.

David Mintz said the next step is to talk to the five or six property owners that would be impacted by the plan. Hopefully by the fall, or maybe before that, he said they will meet with the property owners to see if they are agreeable to the Captiva Drive improvements.

Dave Jensen, a Captiva Community Panel member, asked if the plan includes leveling out the drains on the east side of the road.

Mintz said the plan includes individuals not traveling on the east side of the road at all. He said they could have signage that has everyone traveling on one side of the road.

The improvement plan being considered will tackle the dangerous situation from the curb of South Seas continuing to Ande Rosse Lane. The plan includes expanding the walking path from the Post Office to Andre Rosse Lane on the southwest side of the road by five or six feet wide.

By expanding the path some of the items that may move include a phone canister; trees; a sign; relocating a LCEC meter; relocating power poles away from roadway or underground lines; relocating rocks and plantings and removing curbing.

At the April meeting Mintz said it is there hope to get the property owners on board with the plan, so they can figure out how to approach the county.

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