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By Staff | May 18, 2016

To the editor:

The Mayor and Council have spoken! They will support the ($42 million) Tourist Entertainment Center because they believe in it. But, what about the democratic process, a referendum on the November ballot to see if the public will also support such an undertaking. A reasonable approach would seek taxpayer support through referendum, and if approved, feasibility study and funding.

How much has been spent so far on feasibility studies and architecture renditions? How much will be spent on seeking out “funding opportunities?” Wouldn’t all this effort be better directed toward addressing the urgent traffic problem? I contend that the traffic count hasn’t increased earlier this year, not because of technology, but because tourists are becoming fed up with the congestion. Has the saturation point for the island been reached? The word gets around.

Lets get our priorities straight, the $42 million core project, cameras or round abouts are not going to solve the traffic problems so let’s not try to sell them as solutions.

When every “rock and stone” is uncovered for funding the core project, guess what will be found beneath the pile? You and me, the taxpayer!

Dave Burnett