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Roundabouts won’t work with Sanibel traffic

By Staff | May 11, 2016

To the editor:

An April 7 article in the regional daily states “the belief that by replacing signal lights with continuous traffic flow, accidents and time spent staring at red lights will be reduced … Multiple roundabouts are seen as a way to move traffic along corridors where an unexpected delay can turn a synchronized series of lights into a route of stop-and-go frustration.”

Obviously these arguments don’t apply to Sanibel as Sanibel has no traffic lights.

Also stated in the article “Traffic volume on intersecting roads is a factor in deciding if a roundabout would work, engineers say, because an overload in one direction has potential to cause a bottleneck approaching the roundabout.”

Anyone driving Periwinkle Way, particularly during season knows well about bottlenecks leaving the island and at times coming on the island. Our traffic patrols do a fantastic job of alternating intersecting roads, which would never happen with a roundabout at Periwinkle Way and Causeway Blvd.

And, yes, I am familiar with roundabouts. In my opinion, they do work well in low-traveled areas, but not in heavy traffic areas. And what would this do to our pedestrian and bicycle traffic? And since this intersection is the only way on and off the island, how would we be able to get on or off in the weeks or months it would take to build the roundabout?

Please do your survey in season and discover what I think, that a roundabout at Periwinkle Way and Causeway Blvd. will not work.

Martha Howard