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Reject roundabouts

By Staff | May 11, 2016

To the editor:

I am horrified that the City of Sanibel Commissioners would even consider greeting our visitors and inconveniencing the residents with an unsightly confusing roundabout. The Sanibel Plan’s purpose is to preserve our beautiful island and island lifestyle. Has the “business above all else” mentality of the city leaders finally doomed our sanctuary island?

Here are a few questions:

When are we going to be able to vote for or against this abomination? I thought that important decisions needed to be brought to the people for a vote.

If the roundabout in Fort Myers requires the road to be closed for three months and the only access road to Sanibel would need to be closed, how much land will need to be sacrificed to make temporary roads to get anywhere on Sanibel?

How big will it need to be to accommodate the large semis, RVs, and construction trucks?

There are11 directions that vehicles, pedestrians and bicycles can take at this corner and the traffic officers do a superb job managing it. How could this possibly be managed by a roundabout?

What makes you think that drivers who cannot manage a 4-way stop will manage a confusing roundabout?

How will bicycles and pedestrians manage to get across?

Why build a very costly problem to make a seasonal problem worse? It has been demonstrated that the roundabouts cannot handle a large volume from one direction because it causes gridlock. Think about getting on and off the island during season at peak times.

Wouldn’t this be a public relations nightmare?

Who would be responsible for potential liability claims for the accidents in a roundabout? Sanibel?

I feel our City Commissioners are letting us down. Sign me up for any petition against a roundabout on Sanibel. I feel so strongly I would even join a protest!

Kathy Howlett