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Mayor to seek funding for Civic and Cultural Core project

By Staff | May 11, 2016

The Sanibel City Council approved Mayor Kevin Ruane to start conversations with various entities and agencies to seek out funding opportunities for the Civic and Cultural Core project last week.

He said there might be opportunities outside of Sanibel to seek appropriate funding necessary to have the project framed, so citizens can have additional factual information. He said the key ingredient is they need $22 million.

“What I am looking for specifically today is for council to allow me the opportunity to go out and take the necessary time, which I envision would probably take two to four months to secure any type of decision, whether it’s in the informative, or unfortunately we don’t receive it. But, I want to have the opportunity to turn over every rock and stone necessary to see that this comes to fruition,” he said.

Ruane went on to share that he does not see the project coming to a referendum before the end of the year.

“From my time frame point of view, January might be an issue. I view it more as a March situation. But, again we will see exactly how this comes together. But, I want to rest assure the people that there is no referendum in my eyes considering the time frame necessary that we have to give the supervisor of elections. We need to give them appropriate time. The time and lead time they need to put together appropriate wording,” he said.

After the vote carried unanimously, Ruane thanked the board and said he will work hard to secure the money.

The project includes a performance hall, theater, gallery and education center, a new Center 4 Life, pavilions and infrastructure for roads and parking. The plan includes the city contributing 24 acres to the project, and BIG ARTS one acre.