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Tourist entertainment center?

By Staff | May 4, 2016

To the editor:

Mark Antony, in his oration over the body of Julius Caesar recited the perfidy of Brutus who was one of the conspirators who murdered Caesar. Each time, he said, “Brutus is an honorable man.”

Are the members of our city council and the planning commission “honorable men?”

Many have financial interests in the business of Sanibel, that feeds off of the tourist industry. One operates a restaurant, others sell real estate, peddle insurance, legal or financial advice or finance spas and tanning salons. Do they have a conflict of interest? (They are honorable men.)

They are promoting a complex for tourist entertainment under the guise of a civic center that includes a 529 car parking lot. They claim it will not increase traffic, they are honorable men.

Our city council will have the voters decide on a scheme for the city to donate 25 acres of city property to the tourist entertainment center. Will this set a precedent to sell or donate more city property, say the Gulfside Park for development? (They are honorable men.”

Mark Antony succeeded in rousing the public to denounce Brutus and his fellow conspirators. Should we citizens of Sanibel do less?

Dr. John Raffensperger