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Blind Pass matter could have serious impact

By Staff | May 4, 2016

To the editor:

I’ve written the following to our Lee County commissioners:

I’d like to point out the County has a 25 year agreement with Ding Darling over Wulfert Flats that will be nullified if Blind Pass opening has not been maintained and allowed to close.

Law Enforcement:

“Lee County Natural Resources will erect and maintain regulatory signs indicating speed zones and areas closed to non electric motorized boating. Lee County Natural Resources will also maintain the signs for as long as the management plan is in effect, and the Blind Pass opening is maintained. The number of signs will be kept to the minimum necessary for enforcement so as not to detract from the aesthetic quality of the Wulfert Keys area.”

I strongly believe that the 25-year agreement has now been voided by the County by its failure to maintain an opening in Blind Pass.

I believe that the ability to enforce any and all boating regulations are non enforceable within Wulfert Flats.

Leo Amos