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Faces on Faith: The dusty old book

By Staff | Apr 27, 2016

A few years ago I was teaching from the Bible to a group of teens on some pretty delicate topics. One young woman astutely asked, “Why should I believe something written down in a dusty old book 1000’s of years ago?”

I think that is a fair question.

The Bible is old.

Assuming Moses wrote Genesis, the first writing of the Bible began about 1400 years before Christ.

Jump to Revelation, written by the Apostle John while on the Island of Patmos around 90 A.D., you have a time period of about 1,500 years with more than 40 different authors.

All that wrapped up in what we currently call the Bible then was written 3500 to nearly 2000 years ago.

Could an old book like that still be relevant in the 21st century?

Funny thingI’ve always love the Bible.

When I was six years old I would invite my friends over and read Bible stories to them.

I have always sensed there was something different about this old book.

Since then I have learned the Bible was the very first book to be printed on the printing press.

There have been more than 6 billion copies printedand it continues to be the number one best seller in the world today.

Unlike the Chinese Book of Chairman Mao’s Quotations (2nd in total printings with 800,000 million), which is required to be owned by every household in China, the Bible is voluntarily owned by over 90-percent of homes in America. (On average, there are 3 per home).

Should be noted that in many countries the Bible is forbidden to be printed or owned, yet it continues to spread.

You probably won’t find the Bible on most “best seller” list because it is so far ahead of any other book every published. (More than 25 million copies sold per year in America alone).

If you total up all of the Harry Potter Series (7 books), over all of the years they have been in publication, the number is about 400 million.

Not one of the Potter books came near to the annual sales of the Bible.

I know popularity doesn’t equal reliability and relevancebut the Bible seems to shine brightly there as well.

Much of our U.S. Constitution and judicial systems are based on Biblical principles.

Scientific, Archeological and Historical facts continue to support that what the Bible says is true.

The teachings of Jesus stand head and shoulders above any sage or philosopher who ever walked this planet.

Old and dusty book?

Old yes.

Dustywell, I suppose that is up to the owner. I will never forget a challenge I got from a man several years ago.

He said that the Bible is irrelevant, unreliable and full of fables and contradictions. I asked him, “Have you read it?”

He said, “Of course not! Why would I waste my time!”

Seems a dusty brain is as sad a thing as a dusty Bible. If you have never read this amazing bookgive it a try.

I think you’ll find that there is something special about this old book.

-Dr. Daryl G. Donovan, Sanibel Community Church