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Discussions continue about Captiva Drive improvements

By Staff | Apr 27, 2016

The Captiva Community Panel has begun exploring a plan that would make Captiva Drive safer from South Seas to Ande Rosse Lane. PHOTO PROVIDED

The Captiva Community Panel has begun looking into an improvement plan for Captiva Drive that would make it safer for everyone traveling the road.

David Mintz, a Captiva Community Panel member, said since there is a dangerous situation from the curb of South Seas continuing along to Ande Rosse Lane, the panel involved the architect and planner from South Seas to help them think of a way to make it a safer scenerio.

“We thought the side of the street with the drains would be a very big project to try to create a walking path on both sides and taking out the drains,” he said. “So he essentially suggested that we expand the walking path on the other side of the road from the Post Office to Ande Rosse Lane by 5 or 6 feet wide, so you can walk in both directions. We are not touching the northeast side, we are talking about the southwest side. We are not going to move the lines for the road, we are just going to move the path. The only place we can go is into the bush to move that path out.”

The street would be shared by golf carts, automobiles and bikes. The shoulder would be widened in both directions for safe walking.

A couple of weeks ago Mintz and Ken Gooderham took measurements of the road. He shared the results of what would have to be moved if they were to expand the walking lane out about 6 feet on the same side of the road where the Post Office is located.

Some of the items that may move include a phone canister; trees; a sign; relocating a LCEC meter; relocating power poles away from roadway or underground lines; relocating rocks and plantings and removing curbing.

“Frankly, there’s room to do it, but it may implicate certain people’s private property rights because of the curb,” he said. “We now see what has to be moved and where they have to be moved. If you move all of those things you would have a six foot walking lane on that street. “

Mintz said very rarely people walk on the side where the drains are located because they are very difficult to walk on.

A drawing is going to be created to see where the private properties are located and what the plan would entail to move it all.

“The next step is to get a good computer drawing of this. See where the private property is, who owns it, meet with those people, meet with Lee County and see if we can pursue this,” Mintz said. “We would like to see a nice drawing of what it will look like.”

Captiva Community Panel President Jay Brown asked at what point will this project become a reality.

Although Mintz was not sure of a time frame, he said there is big money associated with it, but not crazy money.

“This is my hope . . . that the property owners are on board. If we get the property owners on board, and we have a plan, then we figure out how to go to the county,” he said.

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