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13-year-old publishes another book

By Staff | Apr 27, 2016

KD Lee Writes has had many book signings throughout the area. PHOTO PROVIDED

A young writer, who recently had a book-signing at MacIntosh Books, finds her inspiration from all over when sitting down to write her novels.

“I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. I wrote my first short story when I was 4 years old. I started my first novel when I was 8,” KD Lee Writes said.

Although the 13-year-old author mostly visits Indie bookstores for book-signings, she recently sent her books to be reviewed in New York for Barnes & Noble. She said she hopes to start having signings at Barnes & Noble.

“It’s really great to meet people,” Writes said, adding that she has also spent time talking with the Boys & Girls Club on how to publish.

Her first self-published novel, “Morgan Summer,” was inspired by her brother and cousin who helped her form the twin characters in the book.

“I published my first novel when I was 11. I got two books published when I was 12,” Writes said.

When Writes completed “Morgan Summer,” she decided that she really wanted her novel to appear in bookstores and libraries, which stemmed from a phone call to her mother.

“I called my mom and told her I finished my first novel and she didn’t realize it was really a novel. She thought it was maybe a long essay. She was in Bloomington, Indiana, and when she came down to visit she said ‘Wow, it is a full novel.’ She asked me to look into publishing,” Writes said. “My mom took some classes on self-publishing and we decided that self-publishing was the best route because publishers take a lot of profit and we wanted to have all the rights to the book.”

Last October, Writes and her mom started their own publishing company, Blooming Publishing, and have begun publishing other authors as well. The company got its name from Writes being born in Bloomington, Indiana, where she still resides six months out of the year. She spends the winter in Fort Myers with her grandparents.

“I have been coming down here ever since I was little,” Writes said.

With Writes being home-schooled she finds a lot of time to write throughout the course of a week.

When the young author finds time to work on her novels, she mostly works indoors on her new computer. The creative process begins sometimes by just writing about an idea, which oftentimes turns into something completely different by the time the book is completed.

“I kind of start with an idea and a character and it just goes from there,” Writes said.

Five novels have been completed, three of which are published. Her mystery, “Get Away Plan,” is the next to be released.

One of those published novels includes “Olympic Bound,” her latest release.

“I like reading mysteries, so I decided I would write my own mystery,” Writes said about “Olympic Bound,” which was completed in 4 1/2 months.

“Olympic Bound” is about a girl who dreams of going to the Olympics for swimming. The book explores a lot of tragedies, which Writes explains to be a tear-jerker.

“The idea came to me. There are not a lot of books on the Olympics if someone was going for swimming. There is stuff about how to do it, but I thought it would be fun to write. This required a lot of research because I didn’t know how to get into the Olympics before I started writing,” Writes said. “I looked up online and went to the library. They did not have a whole lot on it at the library, but they gave me a phone number for the headquarters in Colorado.”

She said they were really helpful in answering all of her questions.

“‘Olympic Bound’ – I pretty much knew what I wanted to do with it. I had the whole idea in my head,” Writes said.

In addition to writing her novels, she also comes up with ideas for the cover of the book.

The young author also enjoys wake boarding, rock climbing, playing guitar, taking voice lessons and playing golf.

In the next few years, Writes said she will enroll in high school, which she believes will take away some of the time she has found to write her novels. Her goal, she said, is to write as many novels as she can between now and her freshman year of high school.

“I’ll still be writing, but I won’t have as much time to do it,” Writes said.

For more information about the author, visit www.kdlwrites.com, or find her on Facebook, Instagram, Amazon and Goodreads.

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