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‘Sunrise at San Attarium’ a delightful satirical and witty read

By Staff | Apr 20, 2016

Daydreaming afflicts everyone who has any sort of an imagination and for the main character in Rhys Llewellyn’s “Sunrise at San Attarium”, it’s almost a way of life.

The life of Bob, the main character in “Sunrise at San Attarium”, doesn’t exactly have the best of luck, but to balance out a rather unspectacular life, he delves into a world of fantasy, which brings out humorous and satirical events.

A move to an island off the coast of Venezuela with his wife, on the advice of his therapist, Ms. Julianne Lafitte, opens up a world of daydreaming for Bob, which through his misadventures with some very eccentric and curious people, maybe not helping his bad luck life.

“The book is a humorous, fictional novel, whose main character is comparable to Thurber’s Walter Mitty on steroids,” said Llewellyn. “His involuntary daydreaming has compelled him to seek professional help that encourages him to ‘live out’ one of his fantasies, presuming that this, along with the proper medication, will cure him.”

So it’s off to island life they go from their safe confides of Vermont. The retired couple first enjoy the different scenery, until Bob’s constant daydreaming takes over and the humor and cynicism comes pouring out.

The 350-page fictional novel is dominated by funny dialogue by the characters. Details in the conversations bring out what Bob actually is experiencing, who has a good dose of low self-esteem, but quirky and humorous lines to accompany the satire.

In other words, he isn’t afraid to make fun of himself.

Llewellyn has the perfect inspiration to write about the paradise-like island of “San Attarium”, since he and his wife, Brandy, have been seasonal guests of Sanibel for over 15 years.

During his time on Sanibel, he has been a part of the Sanibel-Captiva Shell Club and Sanibel’s Writer’s Group.

He has also authored “Tales of Neptune’s Treasures”, which was co-authored by the late Ed Hanley of Fort Myers.

He also authored several publications while working for the Federal Government and was also published in the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ “Monthly Labor Review”.

“Sunrise at San Attarium” is for sale on Sanibel at MacIntosh Books, located at 2330 Palm Ridge Road and can be reached at 239-472-1447.

Copies can be ordered by contacting Llewellyn via email at gatorbytes1@aol.com. The “Sunrise at San Attarium” website can be found at www.thesnowbirdpress.com/2016/01/01/sunrise-at-san-attarium/.