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Center Stage: ‘Who’s Under Where’ offers tons of laughter

By Staff | Apr 6, 2016

“Who’s Under Where?” is the perfect spring time diversion for shaking off the blahs or frenzy of the winter season. The formula is simple, feature lots of giggles, coming out of fast paced actions and comic situations, with just a smidge of naughtiness. In the true tradition of farce, this wacky cast gets embroiled in dubious circumstances arising out of mistaken identities and motivations, cleverly timed entrances and exits, culminating in a happy ending for all.

Written by the comedy team of Marcia Kash and Douglas E. Hughes (premiered in 1982). The exotic lingerie design team of Jane Pritchard (one of Broadway Palm’s favorite comediennes Katie Pankow) and her partner Sybil Brunt (another major Broadway Palm talent, Amy Marie McCleary) the two are on the verge of cutting the multimillion dollar deal of their lives.

The women have rented a posh hotel suite for a very private showing of their Passion Fashion Wear for Italian designer Bruno Fruferelli (Rob Summers.) The models are booked, the champagne is chilled, and the sexy samples are on display. The ladies have prepared for everything except the arrival of their jealous husbands Paul Pritchard (Joel Stigliano) and George Brunt (another Palm comic alumni and favorite Victor Legarreta) who have jumped to the wrong conclusions. This comic cocktail combines suspicious spouses, stolen underwear and mistaken identities with $5 million, a scantily-clad, hunky male model Sabastian (stud-ly, eye -candy, Cody E. Olsen) toss in a lecherous security guard Roger Hodge (Christopher Brent) blend with the expert direction of Paul Bernier and you get the perfect recipe for a giddy comedy in the “classic farce tradition.”

The entire evening is a complete romp. From the opening scene this play under the deft direction of Bernier, along with the comic acting of this hilarious cast, this play unfolds as a cascading fury of one sidesplitting circumstance after another. Beginning with the arrival of jealous husbands, who have reached monumentally wrong conclusions about their wives whereabouts and plans, by believing the designing women are commissioning the services of a different nature from the hunky male models. The two guys find themselves trapped in a comic triangle of mischief and mayhem, ranging from an increasingly awkward mistaken suggestion of a threesome with model Sabastian, to what can only be described as an “oops” calling for a drastic change of attire. Add an Italian fashion hot to trot impresario, an uptight security officer and “who’s underwear” becomes anybody’s guess.

Oh, and let’s not forget “the underwear” er – – – “lingerie,” which looks like nothing you’d ordinarily find in just any dresser drawer. This batch of “under duddies” are made in materials and colors that are unlikely to ever be found in nature or a dresser drawer. It may seem odd, but these inventive props by Jim Conti get as many giggles as the comedy dialogue and deservedly so, I might add.

The night I attended this show’s audience members were actually gasping for breath, after so much laughing at the crazy, hilarious, antics happening on, the “Off Broadway Palm” stage. So if laughing till you gasp for some air, then “Who’s Under Where?” is the show to see.

This laugh riot is bound to sell out fast since this show closes April 30, get a head start by phoning the box office now at (239) 278-4422, and get your comedy fix. When you phone remind ’em Marsha sent you.