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Rockin’ local drummer visits Southwest Florida for sun, surf and song

By Staff | Mar 31, 2016

A few years ago, local well-known drummer and photographer Ed Zeim decided to unroot himself from Southwest Florida one day and hit the open road, heading out west. Before that, thousands would flock to the local music scene to watch him and his band of brothers jam with A200 religiously in the on- and off-seasons.

Since moving out west, first to Los Angeles, then Colorado, Zeim started a new career, flared up an old one, and continues performing in the music industry. He’s teamed up with fellow musician Matt-Hay Roe to perform the duo Keys & D’s, with Matt on keyboards and Ed on drums (naturally). Now, feeling a little homesick, and perhaps just looking for an excuse to head back east to the springtime sunshine, Zeim is eager to not only make a trip over to visit, but also to perform at BackStreets Cape Coral (April 5), Fort Myers’ Yabo (April 2 and 8) and the Lani Kai’s Sun Deck, Fort Myers Beach (April 9), with his musical duo.

“I miss everyone! Truly, it’s been such a journey to leave all that you know, to move across the country by oneself, just to see what it brings to your life,” Zeim said of his journey. “The results have been extreme ups and extreme downs. But I feel that throughout our travels in life, we should try our best to stay connected to the people, places, and things that bring joy and love to our lives! So, I wanted to share the gift of music with everyone that I miss and care about down there. And I’ll also get to see my amazing mother while I’m down. That’s reason enough for me.”

Also, since Matt’s never been to Florida, Ed has some fun tricks and treats up his sleeve to make sure it’s an awesome first experience. ‘”We’re planning on doing all the fun things,” he said. “Getting sunburned, eating Publix subs, checking out some live music from the AMAZING local musicians, applying aloe to our sunburns, and lots of smiling!”

While performing as Keys & D’s, Ed’s and Matt’s setlist is rather unique, as, well, there really is no specific setlist; the duo primarily performs all requests – with some originals peppered in.

“We absolutely love playing live music – all of it. And by that, I mean that our duo is very unique, in the fact that we are an all-request band,” Zeim explained. “Matt has such a gift in being able to know words and music to just about any song request we receive. It makes every performance unique, and we love it because you never quite know what someone in the audience wants to hear! Our show is mostly improvised and some of the song requests we play, Matt and I have never played together but we somehow always manage to play them. We also have originals that we have written together that we’ll be playing throughout our shows as well!”

The energy that Ed and Matt bring as Keys & D’s is a positive, upbeat, bring-the-party atmosphere, and their local shows surely shouldn’t be missed. “Let’s party!” Zeim said. “I’m hoping to see everyone and share lots of laughs and hugs! And the show is so much fun. Once we start playing music, it’s hard for us to stop the party – you’re not going to want to miss it!”

Keys & D’s local shows include BackStreets, 915 SE 47th Terrace, Cape Coral, Tuesday, April 5, starting at 8 p.m.; YABO, 16230 Summerlin Road, Fort Myers, Saturday, April 2, and Friday, April 8, both starting at 9 p.m.; and the Lani Kai’s Sun Deck Sunday, April 9, from 6 to 9 p.m. There is no charge to attend any of the performances – and be sure to pick up a copy of their CD while you’re there, “a live recording of one of our funniest musical shows,” for a suggested donation of just $5.

Once they head back west, the boys have lots planned upon their return.

“There are actually big, giant plans for both myself and Matt after we return to Colorado,” Zeim said. “Matt will be off to Arizona in June. He then begins his official career as a doctor of veterinary medicine in Mesa. As for myself, my nomadic spirit is telling me that I’m not finished on my journey. I will be moving to Austin, Texas, in May to pursue more of well, more of whatever is waiting for me.”

For more information on Keys & D’s, or to follow along with their journey, visit the group on Facebook at Facebook.com/KeysAndDs.